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How 4 Donald Trump books made me "Think Big" and Rich in less than 1 year

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Tag Heuer official service: is it worth it?

Tag Heuer official service: is it worth it the € 200? Review with a 2008 Aqua Racer back from service.

Video book review: Key lessons from Trump books, will make you Rich & ThinkBig!

Why a Stress Burnout is your fault: stop blaming your employer!

Stress Burnouts are trending. The number of people diagnosed with a burnout is increasing every year. It is a BIG problem. Not only for you, but also for your employer, your friends and family. People that get a burnout are struggling intensively to come back. I have seen it happening many times around me in previous jobs. These people never returned the same as they were before.
Do you think you are en-route towards a burnout? Or are you also amazed and concerned with all the people around you, calling in sick, claiming they have burnout symptoms? And as a result, colleagues are pouring more work on you, so you can't focus on closing sales or providing great customer service?

Do you have an opinion about it or you want to know how to prevent a burnout? Then stay tuned and keep on reading this short 5 minute article
After reading this controversial article, you will understand why a burnout is always your own fault. Most important, why it is never your employers fault. You will lea…

American Express KLM & Air France Platinum card: Video ROI analysis... Pure Profit, not cost!

Whether you travel on business or on a well deserved Holiday with your partner after hitting your sales targets: you need a good credit card with high limit and fantastic benefits. One you can always rely on.

After seeing this video, you will understand how to look at this KLM Airfrance Platinum American Express card from a profit point of view, and not just the cost of the annual fee. And when I say profit, I'm not even talking strictly only about earning a ton of frequent flyer miles. Here's why:

Some of the benefits I personally experienced so far in one year with the card:

-Over 80.000 miles saved in one year, even excluding still the 20.000 sign up bonus.
-2* EUR 220 first class German train tickets, after flight was cancelled
-EUR 800 rental car damage reimbursed
-Free Business class upgrade on Delta
-Priority check in and boarding, fast security lain
-Discounted priority seats on plain, larger baggage allowance
-Discount and preferred rates at Hertz car rental and inst…

Win more deals by putting Procurement first!

Why do so many sales trainers and sales directors, convince you not to focus on procurement? Why is procurement often degraded in the sphere of influence? And why is procurement unfortunately, only part of the discussion in the end? Have you ever wondered why you lose deals completely unexpected, and you come up with one million excuses and eventually blame it all on procurement? 

After reading this post, you will be able to recognize how valuable procurement professionals really are. And you will start putting procurement at the center point of your sales account planning and prospecting initiatives.

Exposure to potential projects
I personally strongly disagree with the strategy, to not focus on procurement at all. As a matter of fact, I have made some of the best deals together with and thanks to procurement. Also thanks to my extensive network of procurement contacts from the past, I have been invited to participate in many great RFPs. Projects that otherwise would have gone straight …

How playing high school Football in Nebraska, boosted my career in Sales!

What do a busy sales career working for large multinational companies, have in common with playing high school football in a small town in Nebraska? This all of a sudden became clear to me, when I started analyzing everything I did exactly 20 years ago. And what positive impact this has had on my professional career in sales and personal life.

My year in Nebraska was made possible by an organization called E.F. (Education First). An organization that facilitates foreign exchange high school years for students. I highly recommend them. They have been around for years and have lots of experience and a great network of schools and host families around the world. Check them out if you have kids that have a similar dream. It's a safe choice.

Little did I know how much Nebrasa would mean to me, when I boarded that flight from Amsterdam The Netherlands to Lincoln Nebraska back in 1998. I was about to live for a whole year in a small town community in the USA: Benedict, next to York in Ne…

Autumn: the season of Extraordinary deal closing!

It is again that time of the season, when leaves start falling off the trees and it is getting rainy and cold outside. Yes! It is that time of the season when the best deals can be made! I am talking to you about the start of the extraordinary closing season which is upon us! Every customer and sales person know, that Q4 is the season when the best deals can be made. Both in business and in private life. As this has always been my favorite season of the year, here are some of my tips to help you get started and have a fantastic season. Let's go!

1: Achieve headlines by remembering deadlines
If you can find out at an early stage, what the customer's crucial deadline is, you will be able to use that to take control over the closing negotiations. You can force a deal to close positively, if you can ensure your customer that all deadlines will be met on time. Even better, if you were able to determine early on what a missed deadline would cost to your customer in terms of money. T…

How to win any Sales Request For Proposal (RFP) & only lose on your own terms!

Everybody knows that feeling.... You have been cold calling, prospecting and writing potential customers non stop. You finally received that well deserved invitation to participate in am RFP. You showed the invite proudly to your sales manager and other colleagues. You spent hours on the RFP, you made a great corporate presentation, you handed in a beautiful response document to the RFP...... And then you lose again!!!
Why does this happen all the time and how can you start winning more RFPs?

After reading this post, you will have increased your chances of winning more RFPs and most importantly: you will regain control and enjoy responding to RFPs!

Rule number 1: You have already lost when you receive the RFP If you have not been in touch with the customer prior to the release of the RFP, you should seriously question yourself, whether you have any chance at all. The customer already knows who they want and who they will use for information gathering only or for benchmarking. I think…

Cold calling: the Bar where your pick-up lines fail and everyone is watching you!

Imagine you have limited experience in dating and approaching other men or women. Then you are forced to go to the best looking people in the bar, to try to make a move. You fumble with your words and your pitch sounds weird. Logically you get a very swift sometimes embarrassing rejection from the other person and you fail miserably. Once in a while you succeed and get a phone number. You think you have scored the date, but in the end the date never happens and it is back to the same old bar over and over again.....

Yes! That's exactly how cold calling can feel and what it is like in many companies. Maybe it worked back in the 80's and 90's, when people had oceans of time and were writing letters and still making phone calls. So now let's get one thing straight and out of the way: I am a firm believer, that cold calling your potential customers on a regular basis does not work!

OK.... So why bother, why writing this post on a Sunday afternoon and spending time? It is …