Backpacking or Boardroom – 5 unique American Express benefits no one writes about

Did you know that the unique benefits of American Express are accessible to everyone? Regardless of the card level and even for the cheapest entry cards!

Everyone knows the impressive benefits that American Express payment cards can offer. Think of the many Miles or AMEX Rewards Points, hotel upgrades, quick security/border passage and airport lounge access. However, often these advantages are only accessible with the higher and more expensive gold and platinum cards. But did you know that the unique benefits that make an American Express such a great card are actually available to all card members? Regardless of the card level and even for the cheapest entry cards? In this short article, I introduce you to the 5 most important benefits for me personally, why I value American Express and why it has become my indispensable companion on business and private travel. 

1. Global emergency card replacement, within 24 hours (regardless of card type) 

Sooner or later, anyone travelling frequently will have to deal with theft or loss abroad. This can have huge consequences for the rest of your well-deserved vacation or important business trip. Normal credit cards can only be blocked remotely, but do not offer a guaranteed replacement service and remote assistance. All American Express cards will be replaced free of charge within 24 hours. With a new card or a temporary replacement card: anywhere in the world. 

So if you get robbed while backpacking in Laos or you lose your card on your way to an expensive Resort in the Maldives, with AMEX you can count on a new card waiting for you at your next hotel free of charge. A new or replacement card, which has already been delivered by American Express via an international courier. That’s a great guarantee you just can’t find anywhere else and why I can recommend American Express as a credit card for all travel. 

2. Global emergency and SOS service 

American Express has been around for a very long time, which is why they have built up a very large global network, on which their members can rely. A very important reason why I chose American Express is because of their global emergency response service and SOS service. Of course you hope that you will never ever need to use this. But having his available could be incredibly useful. Think for example, of arranging legal assistance and a lawyer during a conflict abroad. Or arranging replacement travel documents with the embassy. There are plenty of other examples you can read in their service description on their website. But for me personally these are very important additions to their extensive travel and cancellation insurance. 

American Express gives you total confidence that you can travel carefree to far exotic destinations. Over the years, American Express has proven itself over and over again as a travel partner you can rely on. 

3. Very extensive travel cancellation, purchase and car rental insurance 

There are so many different travel and cancellation insurance available today. However, the American Express gold and platinum cards combine a lot of insurance in a single card, as you can watch in the video below this article. Insurance that you can also use for all cardholders and family members. The main condition for insurance is that you paid for the trip with your American Express card. The good news is that you can pay on all booking sites with American Express. 

I have already been acquainted with the travel and car rental insurance several times. And during a summer vacation years ago, my wife suddenly fell ill in the Dominican Republic. We were then excellently helped by American Express. All medical care costs were reimbursed quickly and without any problems. American Express may also arrange everything with the local health care provider and the declaration of phone bill and extra costs incurred afterwards is effortless. In addition, American Express also very quickly reimbursed the damage to my rental car in Germany. These experiences have convinced me that American Express is very reliable and my regular partner for travel. In addition, I can be confident that my wife and family members can safely travel independently, because as fellow card holders they are also automatically well insured with the card. 

4. Spending pattern grows over time, no hassle big purchases 

An incredibly important reason why I chose American Express is the flexible spending limit with the card. There is basically no fixed spending limit, provided you meet the monthly bills on time. Your dynamic spending limit increases rapidly as you use the card and meet the monthly bill on time. This is incredibly useful, because it makes it much easier to pay for larger hotel bills or order multiple airline tickets, without your purchase being denied because you have reached a fixed limit on another credit card. And if you want to make a really big purchase, then a call in advance to American Express customer service is enough to ensure that the transaction will be approved without any problems. 

I’ve been in trouble with the limits of other popular credit cards many times in the past. And there you are….. stuck abroad or if you want to pay for a business dinner with customers and you can’t because you’ve reached a limit. But with American Express, you can be sure you always have enough funds to use the card anywhere, anytime. 

5. General image of the card abroad 

Finally, an American Express credit card simply has a higher profile and image abroad. Companies know that American Express cardholders generally spend more with the card than other credit card holders. In addition, it is well known that American Express cards have a higher spending limit. Allowing retailers, hotel and restaurateurs to trust that their customer has good credit. I dare say that a pre-booking with an American Express credit card can help to get preferential treatment at many hotels and restaurants. 

I hope that you are also convinced of the many benefits an American Express credit card can offer you. Their cheapest “Blue” entry level card with many advantages is already available for just a couple of Dollars per month! Click here for an overview of all American Express cards and various discounts and bonuses, if you join via the special link for readers of this post. Have you gained experience with American Express yourself and are there specific benefits and experiences that you want to share with us here? Post a message below and share it with the other readers. I’m looking forward to hearing from you! 

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