5 tips for thinking big and positive during a crisis at work

How to keep on winning and develop a positive “can-do” mindset. This is how you do that at the office or while you work from home with these 5 tips.

In the most difficult times you should always remain optimistic and think positively. You must develop an overall positive and “can-do” mindset if you want to keep winning. A negative mindset has never led to one of the world’s greatest achievements. A negative mindset will always have a bad impact on your creative problem solving skills.

This is how you do it at the office or while you are working at home:

  1. If everyone around you thinks negatively, then think positively. Be optimistic! Don’t be influenced by negative thoughts or pessimistic moods from people around you.
  2. Stay persistent and laser-focused, think big and positive, and focus on solving the problems.
  3. Create new insights and strategies on how to overcome a crisis. And how you can contribute to this in a positive way.
  4. Turn unexpected negative events into positive results. For example: If you are not looking forward to a particular conference or business dinner, try to get something positive out of it. For example, talk to new people and make new connections. They can be useful and useful later on.
  5. Start each day with an attitude that this is your day and that you are going to control that whole day. Do something special, unexpected, positive, and do something remarkable every day.

Keep it up and you will soon start to notice how your new attitude will have an amazing impact on your confidence and self-esteem. You will also quickly see that it will also have a positive impact on the people and colleagues around you.

This is an excerpt from the book “The corporate sales winners guide: Transform your life and become a top sales performer” by Gerrit Jan de Vries. View the ebook and the paperback version on Amazon.

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