Afraid to travel again? Then bring the world’s best social-distancing credit card!

How do you meet as few people as possible on the road, airport, plane and in your hotel? Become a social distancing expert with an American Express card!

Are you also worried about whether you can still safely go to the airport and fly? How do you ensure that you can still travel relaxed in these hectic times? How do you meet as few people as possible in the airport, on the plane, on the road and in the hotel? Find out how anyone can travel in peace and comfort with an American Express credit card.

Quiet check-in desk with first & business class passengers

Standing in a queue for a long time to check in and leave your suitcase is a thing of the past from now on. Because with the American Express Platinum card in The Netherlands, you can use the first and business class check-in desks of many airlines. In my country The Netherlands, many Star Alliance airlines participate, including Lufthansa and Swiss.

No more waiting in line for security at Schiphol and Eindhoven Airport

One of the most important advantages of the American Express Platinum card is your own dedicated security control at Schiphol Airport in The Netherlands. You may use the Privium and business / first class security control. Usually there are no queues at all and you can go straight through. You no longer wait close to other people in line. In addition, you save a lot of time and your trip becomes a lot more comfortable. Especially if you are late for a flight and in a hurry.

Lightning-fast passport control with biometric scan

One of the biggest frustrations after a long flight is having to wait in line at passport control for an awfully long time. If you have an American Express Platinum card in The Netherlands, you can use Privium at Schiphol. That means you have your own line far away from the rest of the travelers. Within half a minute you will cross the border and your data will be checked, using a card and an iris scan. Are you departing from Schiphol or Eindhoven Airport? Then from now on you will pass the check at lightning speed and you can use the Privium lounges and parking garage close to the terminal.

Maximum social distancing and relaxation in business lounges

The American Express Platinum card comes with a free membership with Priority Pass in The Netherlands. A global provider of access to premium airport business lounges. Choose from various lounges at the airport and find a quiet place to work and relax. From now on searching for a free seat among the many travelers in the terminal is a thing of the past. In the business lounges you can eat and drink for free and save a lot of money on your expenses at the airport. With the American Express card you can now pay contactless with your smartphone or with Apple Pay, so that you have to touch as few payment terminals as possible.

Be the first to board thanks to higher status with Air France KLM and Skyteam

If you opt for the Airfrance KLM Flying Blue Platinum card from American Express, you will achieve a higher frequent flyer status much faster. This allows you to be the first to board the plane and quickly save miles for upgrades in the quieter premium economy, business or first class. In addition, you can use the points you save for daily expenses with every American Express card, for upgrades with a large number of airlines. This keeps you flexible and you will always find a good upgrade deal with one of the many airlines.

Skip public transport and rent a car at a discount

With the American Express Platinum card you immediately get a higher status at various car rental companies. For example at Hertz. This allows you to benefit from a discount on the rental rates and you are sometimes offered a free upgrade to a higher car category. You no longer have to use public transport and you can also use regular customer check-in and check-out desks for your rental car.

Your own hotel check-in desk and higher status

Once off the plane, you will go comfortably to your hotel, and then check in at your own desk for frequent loyal hotel guests. Because with the American Express Platinum card you immediately get higher status at international hotel chains such as Hilton, Marriott, Radisson, Melia and even Shangri-La. That means faster check-in and depending on the hotel: flexible check-in and check-out, free breakfast and upgrades to a higher room category.

Big discount membership and a special welcome bonus

As you can see, American Express credit cards offer unique advantages to travel as quietly and comfortably as possible. Many benefits also apply to the other cheaper cards that American Express offers. You can read what they are here in my other article here. The credit card is accepted almost everywhere, all your purchases are well insured and you will receive a replacement card for free within 24 hours. Nowhere are you (and your family) so well insured while traveling for all kinds of inconveniences, thanks to the great travel and cancellation insurance. Click here for an overview of the various cards, immediately get a free membership or discount and receive a large bonus of reward miles via this link.


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