The amazing benefits of a business development job and why you should never leave it

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I would like to emphasize once again that a career in business development will never be boring. In fact, it is a specialism that is very much in demand in the market, for which hefty salaries are paid! I’m talking about generous basic salaries and really impressive bonuses!

In addition to the salary, the following benefits await you:

  • An enormous degree of independence: You decide what your agenda and daily schedule look like.
  • You decide how and when you achieve your targets.
  • You are much more often outside visiting prospects and therefore not at the office. You avoid traffic jams.
  • You meet the most interesting conversation partners and entrepreneurs.
  • You are at the forefront of your company and always in the spotlight.
  • All the recognition for bringing in new customers goes to you.

And all of this is really a great feeling! Make sure that you never completely stop performing business development activities… regardless of your sales position and level of seniority. By always training business development skills, you force yourself to continuously perfect the “value pitch” of your company. Everyone who stops doing business development ends up bumping into a wall. Leads and pipelines dry up and you have no reserves left. Business development is and will always be necessary for the continuous growth of new customers, projects and knowledge about the market.

In the following article about phone acquisition “cold calling”, I am going to teach you to write a rock-solid “value pitch”. I will help you to get in touch with the customer in a creative way, with the aim of making a follow-up appointment and finding new sales opportunities. By applying this selectively and at the right time, you will bring in even more customers and earn a lot more bonus!

This is an excerpt from the book “The corporate sales winners guide: Transform your life and become a top sales performer” by Gerrit Jan de Vries. View the ebook and the paperback version on Amazon.

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