Maximaalski is inspired by the Dutch word “maximaal”, which means “maximum” or doing something “to the max”. The word “Maximaalski” does not exist in Dutch language, so I created it myself. Because Maximaalski goes beyond maximaal.

It reflects my own personality, style and ways of working:

  • Being bold and passionate with everything that you do
  • Not giving up
  • Winning
  • Exceeding expectations.


Contact me to discuss together how I could support your business with:

  • Sales and new business development (direct and wholesale)
  • Market research and new market entry strategy
  • Data centers (colocation, hybrid cloud connectivity strategy)
  • Interconnect (new carrier NNI, peering)
  • Global connectivity (carrier selection, connectivity strategy)
  • Commercial contract negotiations (RFP, contract renewal)
  • Professional and creative content writing

In the contact details section, I will also link to my profile on LinkedIn. Where you can see my full professional experience, case studies, customer references and recommendations

I will be looking forward to hearing from you!

Gerrit Jan de Vries


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